To ensure fair and consistent termination practices CareSphere has an established termination policy.

Voluntary Termination
  • Employees who resign from CareSphere are required to give at least 7 days written notice of intended resignation / termination via submitting a time off request form.
  • The notice should include the anticipated date of departure, the reason for resignation, the employee’s signature and other pertinent data. 
  • Failure to provide sufficient written notice may result in your ineligibility for rehire, may cause loss of accrued vacation pay, and all compensation owed to the employee may be paid at the current legal minimum wage.  Accumulated Time off benefits will not be paid upon termination.
Involuntary Termination

Termination may occur at any time for a reason other than discrimination based upon sex, race, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or other types of discrimination.

Exit Interview

An exit interview may be requested by the employee terminating employment or by a management team member receiving the notice of termination.  Exit interviews will be conducted by the HR Specialist

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