Workplace Progressive Discipline

Any employee conduct that violates company rules described in CareSphere's knowledge base or that, in the opinion of the company, interferes with or adversely affects our business is sufficient ground for disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action can range from coaching to immediate discharge, depending on the severity of the offense. Our general policy is to take disciplinary steps in the following order:

Offense #1 = Discussion/Training

  • The first time disicpline is needed, an HR Specialist will reach out to you to discuss it. You will receive a full outline and any training needed for the policy.

Offense #2 = Written Warning

  • If after you were provided with training and still fail to follow company policy, the HR Specialist will reach out to you to figure out a way to avoid it happening again in the future. At this time, a written warning will be given to you which you will be required to acknowledge. We provide you with a synopsis of the conversation between you and the HR Specialist to ensure that you and the HR Specialist are clear what exactly is expected of you.

Offense #3 = Final Warning

  • If after you received a written warning you still failed to follow the company policy, we are forced to then put you on a final warning. You will be placed on a 28 day probationary period. If during the 28 days you fail to follow that policy you will be automatically terminated.


  • We work hard on resolving all issues and training you on our policies and procedures. . If you fail your 28 day probationary period, you will be terminated.

However, this is not a guarantee of any particular treatment in a given circumstance. We reserve the right to alter the order described above, to skip disciplinary steps, to eliminate disciplinary steps, or to create new disciplinary steps.

In choosing the appropriate disciplinary measure, we may consider any number of factors, including:

  • the seriousness of the offense
  • any history of misconduct
  • your employment records
  • the strength of the evidence against you
  • your length of employment
  • your ability and willingness to correct the behavior
  • your attitude about the behavior
  • actions taken by the company in the past for similar behavior by other employees
  • how the behavior affects the company, its customers, and your coworkers

We will give these considerations whatever weight we deem appropriate.

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