Use of Social Media

CareSphere respects the right of any employee to maintain a blog, web page or to participate in social networking, (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc). However to protect CareSphere interests and ensure employees focus on their job duties, employees must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Employees may not post on blog or web page or participate on a social networking platform during work time or any time with CaresSphere or patient equipment or property.
  2. All rules regarding confidential and proprietary business information apply in full to blogs, web pages and other social networking platforms. Any information that cannot be disclosed thru a conversation, a note or an email cannot be disclosed in a blog, web page or social networking site.
  3. If CareSphere is mentioned in a post which also mentions either a political opinion or an opinion regarding CareSphere's actions that could pose an actual or potential conflict of interest with CareSphere, the poster must include a disclaimer. The poster should specifically state that the opinion expressed is his/her personal opinion and not CareSphere's position. This is necessary to preserve CareSphere's good will in the marketplace,

Caresphere encourages all employees to keep in mind the speed and manner in which information posted online is received and often misunderstood by readers. Employees must use their best judgement. Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in discipline, up to and including termination.

Publicity/statements to the media:

All media inquiries regarding the position of CareSphere as to any issues must be referred to your HR Specialist. Only your HR Specialist is authorized to make or approve public statements on behalf of CareSphere. No employees, unless specifically designated by your HR Specialist, are authorized to make those statements on behalf of CareSphere. Any employee wishing to write and/or publish an article, paper, or other publication on behalf of CareSphere must first obtain approval from Human Resources.

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