Time off allowance policy

Available time off: All Employees accrue 1 hour of Paid Time Off (PTO) for every 30 hours worked. You can check your accrued time off balance via Paylocity.

*If you have a preplanned vacation or appointment at the time of hire or before you picked up a new client please let us know in advance, this will not be considered time off. Time off is considered when you request off and you are already assigned to a specific client.

Time off can only be taken if it was already accrued.

  • 7 days notice must be given in writing for any time off.
  • If you must be out of work due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances (i.e. you are sick) and you have not yet accrued the available time off, the time you are taking off, will be deducted from the accrual with a negative balance. In addition, this time off you will be taken will not be paid.
  • If you are out of work but make up the missed hours during another day in that same week, it will not be considered time off.
  • Time off can not be taken within 2 week of when you commence a new client.

Pay Rate: When taking PTO it will be paid at base rate. If you were given a higher rate by a coordinator for a client, it is for a specific client only and will not be applied to your PTO.

Emergency Call Offs: at CareSphere, our clients expect dependable and reliable caregivers. Therefore, before taking on a client, it is your responsibility to ensure you have reliable transportation, reliable babysitters and backup for emergencies. In instances where it is an emergency and 7 days notice cannot be given, the time off will be deducted from your PTO bank and it will not be paid. In addition, 2 or more emergency call offs in a 4 week period will be considered excessive and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination

No call no show: If you call out AFTER your scheduled start time it will be considered a no call no show.

  • if you are a no call no show (NCNS) to a shift we will consider it as job abandonment. You will be removed from your shift immediately.
    • COVID 19: Upon submitting proof of positive COVID 19 test, you will be allowed up to 10 days time off. This time off will be unpaid and will not result in any disciplinary action. Time off due to being exposed or a family member being diagnosed with COVID 19 is considered an "emergency call off".
    • Bad weather: Our clients need care rain or shine 😊 . As a caregiver, you are expected to be able to get to your scheduled client even in bad weather (heavy rain or snow). In case a state of emergency is declared in your area and you cannot get to your clients home, you must call off before the scheduled shift time. During a state of emergency, time off will not be deducted from your PTO bank unless you have available time off and choose to use the PTO hours.
    • Holidays: Our clients do require care on holidays (see full list of holidays in our holiday policy). If you cannot work a holiday, you can call the Client Service Coordinator to arrange for you to make up the hours another day that week. If making up the hours isn’t possible, you must submit 7 days written notice. During a holiday time will not be deducted from your PTO bank unless you have available time off and choose to use the PTO hours.
    • Jury Duty: if you are summoned to Jury duty, you must provide 7 days written notice. The time off will be unpaid and will not be deducted from your PTO bank, unless you have available time and you choose to use the PTO hours.

Accrued, unused PTO will not be paid out upon resignation or termination of CareSphere

If you did not adhere to the time off policy you will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

Offense #1 = Discussion/Training

  • The first time you fail to abide by the time off policy, an HR Specialist will reach out to you to discuss it. You will again receive a full training on the time off policy so we are sure you are clear with the policy.

Offense #2 = Written Warning

  • If after you were provided with training and still fail to abide by the policy (giving 7 days notice or taking time off when yiu do not yet have it accrued) the HR Specialist will reach out to you to figure out a way to avoid it to happen again in the future. At this time, a written warning will be given to you which you will be required to acknowledge. We provide you with a synopsis of the conversation between you and the HR Specialist to ensure that you and the HR Specialist are clear what exactly is expected of you.

Offense #3 = Final Warning

  • If after you received a written warning you still failed to follow the policy, we are forced to then put you on a final warning. You will be placed on a 28 day probationary period. If during the 28 days you call out without 7 days notice or take unaccrued time off, you will be automatically terminated.


We work hard on giving you shifts that fit your needs and availability. When you commit to a case you commit to our time off policy too. You must understand our patients need constant and reliable care and therefore we take the time off policy very seriously. If you fail your 28 day probationary period, you will be terminated.

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