Time off FAQ

Can I take time off if I have not yet accrued PTO hours?

you cannot request more time off than that you have accrued. Time off can only be taken once its been approved.

If I don't have available time off, can I take unpaid time off instead?

No. If you don't have available time off, unpaid time off will not be approved either unless specifically described in our policy for Holidays, Bad weather and Jury Duty.

Where can I check for my available PTO hours?

You can check your accrued PTO hours on your Paylocity Account

What happens if I need to take more time off than I have available?

If you must be out of work due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances (i.e. you are sick) and you have not yet accrued the available time off, the time you are taking off, will be deducted from the accrual with a negative balance. In addition, this time off you will be taken will not be paid.

What is the pay rate i will get for my PTO?

The rate of your PTO will be the base rate. If you have an agreement with a coordinator of a specific rate for a specific case that is the rate for the client only. The PTO is paid at base rate.

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