Care Plan

Before a patient begins services at CareSphere, a agency representative visits the patient to do a start of care assessment. During the visit, the agency representative creates a plan of care, also known as a Care Plan. The Care Plan is then sent to the patient's physician to sign off on the care which would be provided to the patient when s/he is serviced.

All PCA and HHAs working with CareSphere clients are provided a Care Plan before the first shift. Aides are expected to follow the Care Plan when working the shift.

If the patient or their family is requesting you do a task for them which is not writing on the Care Plan call the patient's coordinator immediately to ensure you have permission to do that task. You should only be doing the tasks described on the Care Plan. If needed, the Registered Nurse will then update the Care Plan.

In general, all Care Plans are reviewed and updated by the Registered Nurse at least every 60 days. If there is a change in patient condition, you must contact the Patient's coordinator so the Care Plan can be reviewed sooner.

Keep in mind: You are there to service the patient only. It is not your job to assist any other family member. For ex: for light housekeeping you should be cleaning the patient bedroom along with the common areas the patient uses (bathroom, kitchen). You are not required to clean other family members bedrooms.

How to view the Plan of Care:

If you are using the HHAeXchange mobile app you will find the Care Plan in the patients profile. Follow these steps to find the Care Plan:

  1. Navigate to the Patients tab.

    patients tab

  2. Click on the name of the patient.

    patients tab

  3. On the VISITS tab, select the date of which you are looking for the Care Plan. Keep in mind, a patient can have a different CarePlan for each day of the week.

    patients tab

  4. Scroll over to the Care Plan tab to view the detailed Plan of care.

    patients tab

***If you are unable to see the Care Plan for a client on the mobile app, you must call the patient's coordinator immediately for them to correct this
Sep 7, 2022

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