Meet and Greet

When you're assigned a new case, sometimes patients want to meet you before diving into care. When you agree to a meet and greet visit, you have not yet committed to permanently taking on the case. You will have the chance to commit to the case after the meet and greet.

  • Remember, this time is considered work, so don't forget to clock in when you start and out when you're done. You'll get paid for the meet and greet.
  • Typically, a meet and greet visit will last about 30 minutes to an hour.

Here's what to do during a meet and greet:

  • Introduction: Start by introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your background.
  • Put the Patient at Ease: Make them feel comfortable by asking about their interests and hobbies. It's like finding common ground to chat about.
  • Review the Plan: Go over the tasks outlined in the Plan of Care (POC) to see if they're comfortable with it. It's a bit like trying on a new pair of shoes to see if they fit.

Confirm Your Interest: After the meet and greet, tell the coordinator right away if you like the patient. It's a two-way street โ€“ you have to like them, and they should like you. If both parties are a match, you'll be assigned to that patient permanently.

Additional Note: If the patient doesn't request a meet and greet but you feel it's necessary, that's totally fine. Just inform the coordinator before accepting the permanent case, and they'll help set it up. Our goal is to ensure that when you start working on the first day, and you've signed the case assignment, you're 100% ready to commit to the case.
This process is all about building the right connection and making sure both you and the patient are comfortable working together. It's a bit like dating โ€“ you want to make sure it's a match before committing to a long-term relationship.

Nov 19, 2023

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