🙈 Payroll Issues

CareSphere encourages all its employees to review their paystubs weekly to ensure everything seems good. We want to ensure employees are paid for all hours worked. If you come across an issue on your paycheck, contact your HR Specialist immediately so we can get it resolved quickly and amicably. When contacting the HR Specialist, ensure you know exactly which day you are missing the pay form You can review the exact dates on times you got paid for on the HHAeXchange app.

Things to keep in mind when reviewing your stub:

  • Employees payroll is determined based upon your Clock in and clock out. If you clock in late or failed to clock out on any day, it will reflect in your pay. Only visits which have a clock in and out are paid.
  • If you need to stay at a shift longer than the total amount of hours you are scheduled for, you must call the Case Coordinator immediately to update the scheduled time. We only pay you UP TO the total amount of hours you are scheduled for. After payroll is processed, we can no longer make changes to the scheduled time so ensure you call us that same day you stayed longer.
  • Do you believe your payrate is incorrect? We only honor a rate written on the case assignment contract. So make sure you keep those contracts handy when calling us.

Resolving payroll issues
Once the HR Specialist has determined that there is an issue with the pay, she will give you a choice if you would like to wait until the following friday to receive it together with your weekly pay or you can receive it instantly on the RAPID pay card (read on for more info on this)

Nov 19, 2023

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