HHAeXchange Mobile App

Te HHAeXchange Mobile App allows you to keep track of your schedules, clock in and out for the visit and can pick up cases broadcasted by the office. Lets take a look at how the app works by reviewing the tabs on the main menu:

Today's Schedule:

todays schedule

This tab allows you to view all shifts scheduled for today. Before pressing on 'Today'sSchedule' tab, you will notice a little blue circle.circleThis tells you the total of shifts scheduled for today.

clock in/out
Clock in/out

Once in the tab, select the shift you wish to see to bring you to the patient's visit detail page. This page has multiple tabls. you can go to the next tab by dragging the menu tabs from right to left. The first thing on the visit detail page you will see is the clock in and out button. You can easily clock in and out directly from this screen.
You will also be able to see the plan of care tasks which you are to do at the patients home.
visit directions

Thru this tab it will allow you to get directions to your patients house so u don’t need to open a separate app on your phone. You can get directions by simply tapping on the blue address link and this will take you to your MAPS application.
patient info
Patient Info

On this tab, you can see all phone numbers and addresses associated with the patient. Sometimes there may be more than 1 address because 1 is the patients home address and one is an address of a family member the patient may be at. The next section shows all emergency contacts. If you must contact someone in case of emergency you can find all emergency contact info here.
care plan
Care Plan

On this tab you can view the full careplan. More info about the CarePlan can be found here.

This tab allows you to easily report what happened during the scheduled shift.
To send us a note, click on the plus icon on the top right corner. You have the option to send us a text note, voice note or even attach a picture if there is something you want us to see.
Examples of notes to send us from here, as we spoke before, if the patient is refusing a shower, you can just send us a message right from here
We also encourage you to send us a message at the end of the day thru these notes detailing exactly what happened that day. For example " I arrived at 10 oclock. I gave her a bed bath, I fed her breakfast. At 11am I did an errand to the supermarket and returned at 12 oclock." Though its not mandatory it’s a very good practice. The more you document the more we know in the office of what's going on and the more clarity there is between all of us.
Unscheduled Visits:

unscheduled visits

The unscheduled visit tab gives you have the ability to clock in and out for a patient you are not scheduled for. Normally you should not be servicing a patient you are not scheduled for . If a visit doesn’t show up on your 'todays schedule' tab, you must call the coordinator first so we give you authorization for the visit. Only then can the patient be services. The only time this tab will be used is if you don’t have a preset schedule for a patient.

When clicking unscheduled visit, a list of all patients I have visited in the past will show up. . Simply click on the patients name you wish to clock in for and you will have the ability to clock in . If the patient you are seeing does not who up on the list of patients, click on "patient not in list". You will then have the ability to clock in or out.



The visits tab offers a way to review upcoming and past patient visits. When clicking on the visits tab it will show you all visits from the past 7 days and visits 7 days ahead.

Your app is linked with our system. So if you see here that you are scheduled to go to a visit and you know you called off, or vise versa, you are not seeing a patient which you know you are scheduled for, call your coordinator immediately so we can adjust your schedule.



This tab shows a list of all the patients you visited in the past in case ou ever need to have that information. Clicking on the patient name will allow you to see the patient contact information and all the visit done for the patient in the past.



The messages tab allows you to review and respond to any messages sent from the agency. One of the messages you will be getting is a daily covid 19 screening. Due to the raging pandemic all home health aides are expected to self screen themselves before going out to work. A day you are scheduled to work, you will receive a message from HHAexchange by 7:30am with a link to the covid 19 survey, click the link to answer a 1 questions survey acknowledging that you don’t have any cornovirus symptoms. The self screening can be done anytime before entering the patients home.

Open Shifts:

Open Shifts

On this tab all avaialble shifts are broadcasted. See detailed information here.



This tab will alert you if any of your paperwork is out of compliance. If you have paperwork out of compliance, please contact your HR Specialist immediately.

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