1. Clock in/out with Mobile App

Mobile App Rules:

  • You must be inside the clients home or by the front door when clocking in. Clocking in/out while in the parking lot or driveway may be out of range.
  • When clocking in or out, ensure you are IN RANGE before clicking the CONFIRM button. An out of range clock in/out will not be accepted.
  • If you believe you are in range but the app is still showing out of range, take a screenshot of where you are and call the Client Service Coordinator immediately to resolve the issue. Only once the issue is resolved can you clock in. Do not begin your shift until the clock in is successful.
  • If your mobile app doesn’t work, you cannot log in or you have no internet access, you MUST use the telephony system to clock in/out. Not having access to the app is not an excuse for not clocking in.

Use the steps below to easily clock in with your HHAeXchange Mobile App.

  1. Log into the HHAeXchange mobile app using your credentials
  2. On the home screen select todays schedule (the number circled is the number of cases scheduled for that day)
  3. Select the appropriate visit you wish to clock in for
  4. The app uses GPS to confirm that your location you are clocking in and out for matches the patients address on file. Its best to clock in while your standing by the patients door and not in the parking areas as it may not catch the correct location. If you try to clock in anywhere other than the patients address on file it'll alert you that you are out of range. To clock in simply tap 'clock in' and then select 'GPS'.
  5. It will then determine your location and bring up a message telling you if you are IN RANGE or OUT OF RANGE.
    • If you are out of range, DO NOT tap the Confirm button click on the Back button, on the top left corner, move closer to the patients home and then try clocking in again.
    • If you are in range, tap Confirm and it will tell you that you have successfully clocked in
  6. Go back to the previous screen and check to ensure your clock in is green. If it is red, call us right away to determine what went wrong with the clock in

*When clocking out the aide follows the same steps 1-6 but will be prompted to check off the plan of care tasks done before submitting the clock in.

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