How we offer cases

Ready to pick up a new shift? contact us to send you the open case list.

On the open case dashboard all permanent shifts will be broadcasted. This open case dashboard is updated daily. Just refresh your page to update and view all open shifts.

If you are interested in picking up a fill in shift, please contact your HR Specialist directly and she will work with you directly in finding a fill in shift that fits your availability.


The dashboard is divided by the type of case.

  • DCW - These cases require personal care services only. No certification is Required
  • HHA - These cases are pediatric Home Health Aide Cases. To accept a shift, you must already have an HHA or CNA certification and be signed up as a HHA with CareSphere. If you wish to sign up to work as a HHA, please contact your HR Specialist for guidance
  • LPN - You must have a valid LPN License issued by the PA nursing board to work on such cases

Each row on the sheet is another case. Before deciding that a case is of interest to you please review the following columns:

  1. Patient's Name: The first name is available to you. Based on the name, take note on the patient's gender and ensure you are comfortable tending to a patient in that gender.
  2. Total Hours: This is the total amount of weekly hours. Check out this page for more information.
  3. City/Patients Address: The exact address is available to you. You must map the address to you home and ensure you have reliable transportation and back up transportation to the case. Ensure the distance to the patient's home fits your needs should inclement weather arise.
  4. Schedule Needed: This describes the exact schedule requested by the patient. This schedule is not flexible and cannot be altered unless specifically stated.
  5. Special Requests: If the patient has special requests for the caregiver, it will be described here. Ensure you meet all special requests.


If you are interested in accepting a case which is broadcasted on the dashboard, simply fill out the form found on the right side of the dashboard or click here to fill out the form. Make sure to fill out the form accurately as described below:

  • Patient's name: Enter the name of the patient you are interested in working with. This name must match the name as it is written on the dashboard
  • City of the Patient: Enter the city of the patient as written on the dashboard
  • Your Name (Caregiver): Enter your name. We must know who is requesting the case.
  • Best Phone number: Enter the phone number we can best reach you at. If we will not be able to reach you on the phone, we may have to give the shift to another caregiver.
  • Comments to Coordinator: If there is anything you would like to tell the coordinator about the acceptance of the case enter it here (date you can start, questions about the shift , etc..)

Requesting a case, does not automatically assign you to the shift. This only lets us know you are interested. You may express interest in as many cases as you can. A case only becomes "accepted" and "Yours" when you have spoken to the Coordinator on the phone and have confirmed all details.

When you request a case, the coordinator of that case get notified. Please be on the lookout for a phone call from the company so we can reach you. CareSphere tries their best to call all Caregivers which requested cases by 4pm on working business days. Refer to the page Accepting a new Client for further information on how caregivers are assigned to shifts.

What happens if I don't see any cases on the app which fit my needs?

If you do not  see the right case on the app, you can reach out to your HR Specialist. Your HR specialist will then send a message to all of the coordinators with your availability and interest for a Client Service Coordinator to reach out to you directly with a case that fits your needs and schedule.

CareSphere gets new clients in need of services and the dashboard is updated on a daily basis. If you have not worked for 2 weeks and do not request open cases by reviewing the open cases and filling out the form to request a case deem that you are not available to work due to personal reasons.

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