Rules while working with clients

Below are a few basic rules to keep in mind while working. These are company rules and a client or their family can never override it.

  • Work Schedule
    • You may never be in your clients home if the client is not present. If the client leaves his/her home, you must contact the Client Service Coordinator immediately for further instructions
  • Dress code
    • You are expected to arrive to your shift well grommed, clean and dressed appropriately. Sleeveless shirts, Tank tops, sheer tops, low cut necklines, mini skirts, shorts, flip flops, long nails or heavy perfumes are not allowed.
    • We encourage you to wear scrubs while working with patients. High quality CareSphere scrub tops are available for sale in our Bethlehem office for $15 each. Or call your HR Specialist to have it shipped to you for $20 each.
    • In addition, the company provided ID badge must be worn at all times. a lost ID badge can be replaced free of charge by coming ot the Bethlehem office or by calling the HR Specialist for it to me mailed out.
  • Phone Use
    • Employees must turn off the ringer on their personal cell phone or put it on vibrate. Employees should only be answering a call on their personal cell phone if it is from CareSphere or if it is an emergency.
    • Employees may never play games, watch movies, text (unless it is an emergency) or chat while on duty even while the patient is sleeping. If the patient no longer has any tasks for you to complete, call the coordinator for her to advise you on how to proceed.
    • No Personal calls are to be made from the client's phone.
    • Due to privacy concerns, employees may never use a camera phone function or any form of voice recorder during work hours, unless previously authorized by a CareSphere representative
  • Sleeping
    • Ensure you are well rested before going to work. Employees may NEVER sleep on the job even during overnight shifts. If you are found sleeping on the job by a patient or other CareSphere staff member you will be terminated immediately.
  • Breaks
    • You are not assigned a lunch break or meal period . You are to bring your own food to eat the patient home when the patient is resting. Most clients have very limited income, so please, be considerate and refuse their offerings. You must be aware of different cultures and adhere to them i.e. Kosher homes.
    • While assigned to a shift, you may not leave the clients home until your shift time is over, unless you are doing errands for the client. If you need to leave for an emergency, you may only do so with authorization from the coordinator.
  • Alcohol/Drugs:
    • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. Arriving to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will result in immediate termination.
    • Employees who are using prescribed drugs which might in any way affect job performance should discuss this with their HR Specialist before reporting to the client’s home.
  • Weapons:
    • Employees may never bring any form of weapon to work.
  • Smoking:
    • There is a no smoking policy while assigned to a shift. Please smoke before and after the shift. You are not allotted a smoking break. Even if the client is smoking, or gives your permission to smoke you should not be smoking
  • Tipping, Soliciting & Gifts:
    • Employees are forbidden to engage in unauthorized solicitations such as subscriptions, catalogs, fund raisers, petitions, etc
    • You are not to accept gifts, money, clothing, food, etc. This includes borrowing money from a client or their family. We also forbid solicitation of money/gifts from other fellow employees.
    • Should you take anything from the client’s home, even with their permission, the client will likely accuse you of stealing. Do not try this.
  • Loitering/Visitors:
    • Employees are requested to leave the premises of the client’s home upon completion of the scheduled shift. Do not hang around.
    • You may never bring children, family, friends or pets to your client’s home.
  • Transportation
    • you are responsible for providing your own transportation to and from the patients home
    • If you are using your personal vehicle to perform errands for a patient, the patient will be reimbursing you for the cost incurred during the trip. please call the coordinator to discuss this before going out on an errand.
    • CareSphere employees are prohibited from transporting patients or their family members in their personal vehicles under any circumstances
    • Employees holding a valid drivers license may drive patients in a patient provided vehicle.
    • Parking: When parking at a patient, and there is no free parking in the vicinity available, discuss this with the Coordinator in advance. The Coordinator may be able to arrange for you to be reimbursed for parking
    • Keep in mind: While driving or parking employees are expected to uphold all state and city laws. CareSphere is not responsible for being ticketed while driving or parking.
  • Handling Money
    • When shopping for the client remember to write down the amount of money your client gives you and return with a register receipt and the exact change. Have the client sign everything. The document indicating how much money they gave you, the receipt, and how much change they received. All of this should total up and equal the amount originally received. You will be responsible for any lost or unaccountable money.
    • You may not accept access to the client’s bank account (this includes the debit card and pin number) without authorization from the Client Service Coordinator.
  • Arguments and conflict
    • The agency is committed to providing a safe workplace for you and will not allow you to stay in a home if there is reasonable concerns for your safety.
    • In an event that you feel threatened or a client, family member or visitor communicates in an argumentative manner, do not argue back and DO NOT abandon the client. Stay professional. Immediately, either from their home phone or walk outside, and use your cell phone call the client service Coordinator
    • In a calm manner, describe to the Client Service Coordinator what is taking place or what has occurred. She will direct you as to what actions must be taken. After the shift, A written report explaining the incident must be sent in. Your signature and wording will be required at this time. It is important that this is done as soon as possible so that the report is accurate (within 24 hours).
    • Likewise, CareSphere employees may never threaten, argue, use any form of violence, harrasment or abuse towards a client or family member
  • Administering Medication
    • You are only allowed to dispense medication out of pill containers which are pre-filled by a family member or licensed healthcare proffesional. You may never administer non-prescription medication directly to a client.
    • You may assist them in taking the medication. Assistaing is defined as bringing the prescription (bottle or container), opening it and allwing the client to take the prescription out of the container and take the prescription without your assistance. You may never put the medication into the clients mouth.
  • Inclement weather:
    • CareSphere provides client services even in the even of inclement weather. In the event an employee has difficulty with transportation due to weather, you must contact your HR specialist to discuss your options as soon as possible, before the beginning of your shift.
Nov 3, 2022

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